Who Are We?

Glass has always fascinated both of us. We have taken various classes involving glass and, a few years ago, we decided to engage more deeply with fused glass as a medium. We like the mix of planning and happenstance that comes from mixing colors and shapes in the heat of the kiln. Each piece develops in its own way.

Our work is created in a studio we have setup within our house. We draw inspiration from nature, from other artworks, and from our own sense of what goes well together.

Rick Friedman and Jan Shoyer

What is Fused Glass?

Fused glass is the ART of making a design with Glass on Glass through the process of using a kiln to melt two or more pieces of glass together to fuse them.

Fused glass is also referred to as “warm glass” because the glass is “fused at around 1490 degrees F. This is compared to stained glass (cold glass) which involves working with glass at room temperatures or blown glass (hot glass) which involved working with glass in a molten state around 2400 degrees F.

A fused glass piece starts with special colored glass designed for fusing. By mixing various colors and shapes in layers, stacks, adjacency the glass can be fused into a single piece. These pieces can be complete or can then be further worked to create bowls, plates, and other shapes.

Where To Find Us?

Newton Open Studios 2023!
April 29 & 30
Saturday and Sunday, 11am to 5pm, indoor and outdoor locations.

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Our Studio

Our studio is in our home. Kilns and most equipment is in the basement. Finished works are on display in the living space. We welcome visitors with advance notice.

Contact us
Feel free to reach out if you would like to know more: